Training and Networks

The following list includes the most relevant courses, conferences and networks I have participated in. Some are directly related to Autism, some others complement my understanding of some of the challenges we experience in our day to day life. This list is updated frequently, as I continue to engage with this area of study.

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  • Jan 2017. Introduction to Sleep with Ea Carøe. Molis. Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Jan  – Jun 2016. “Systemizer” Expert Training with Kirsten Callesen and Peter Dyhr – Modules 1-5. Preparation to advise persons with a Systemizer profile in the topics of Stress Management and Social Skills, amongst other. Systemizer. Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Mar 2016. The brain: mechanisms and neurotransmitters with Peter Dyhr. Psykologisk Ressource Center. Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Jan 2016. Girls and autism with Christina Sommer. Psykologisk Ressource Center. Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Jan 2016. Anxiety and autism with Christina Sommer.Psykologisk Ressource Center. Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Sep 2014 – Nov 2014. Parent training with Pernille Jakobsen and Bettina Bové. Ullerødskolen. Kokkedal, Denmark.
  • Sep 2014. Basic autism course for parents of new students with Pernille Jakobsen. Ullerødskolen. Kokkedal, Denmark
  • Apr 2014. “Low Arousal” with Jacob Lentz. ADHD Association. Albertslund, Denmark.
  • Oct 2013 – Apr 2014. “Pionergruppe” Parent Training with Mette Brinkløv and Christina Sommer. Structure and visualisation, cognitive affective training, social stories and general coping strategies. Psykologisk Ressource Center. Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Sep 2013. “ATLASS” Stress Management with Michael McCreadie. SIKON – National Autism Association. Høje-Taastrup, Denmark.
  • Feb 2013. Self-worth in highly sensitive children with Lise August. Sensitiv Balance. Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Jun 2012. Highly sensitive children with Lise August. Sensitiv Balance. Copenhagen, Denmark.


  • Apr 2016. SIKON Conference 2016. Keynote speakers: Tony Attwood, Barry M. Prizant, Dave Hewett, Dorthe Birkmose. SIKON – National Autism Association. Odense, Denmark.
  • Jun 2015. Aspergers Syndrome with Tony Attwood. Diagnostic criteria, handling thoughts and feelings, challenges for teenagers, challenges for adults. Psykologisk Ressource Center. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Networks and Affiliations

  • Apr 2016 – to date. Member of Running/Walking Club A-Team
  • Aug 2013 – to date. Member of the National Autism Association
  • Apr 2014 – 2017. Participant in the Pionergruppe Parent Network