My knowledge of Autism comes primarily from my role as the mom of a wonderful boy, whom lives with Aspergers Syndrome and High Intelligence. At the beginning of my journey, I thought that I could get “the job done” by taking a couple of courses – and continued to invest considerable time and effort in my career as a project manager, researcher and educator. However, as the time went by, my engagement with the schools, experts and authorities increased and I grew more aware of the acute need for knowledge and support in our┬ácommunity. This led to the decision of taking a career leave in order to pursue my calling as an Autism Advocate.

My advocacy takes place in my day-to-day interactions with stakeholders that I meet in relation to my son’s care, by starting conversations with persons that do not know much about Autism, by being active in NGO’s and associations that can use my advice to better include different user groups in their activities, via book reviews… in summary, in any chance I get.

To this effect, I have engaged in intensive training and have strived to enlarge my network in the field. You can read more about this is under the Menu “Training and Networks” and are most welcome to contact me via my Linked-in profile: www.linkedin.com/in/garzadelinde